Memorial Day Blues

Please take that literally. This was what I woke up to:

I realized that no traditional Memorial Day funsies would be had, especially once it started to rain sideways. So naturally Boo and I indulged in our favorite “Day of Boredom and Laziness” activities:

Brunch. It really IS the best meal of the week.

Catching up on GIRLS and Louie. Or whatever TV show we’re currently pirating.

Painting my nails…. really that one is just for me…

Wine. period.

Diablo….. eehhh you guessed it, that’s his thing. I was busy liquefying my brain cells with 50 Shades of Grey (so naughty!)

We then spent the next 3 hours in the office: His back to me as he destroyed the netherworld, me sprawled across the loveseat lost in sexy time with Christian Grey and Ana Steele. I must say, that is one of my most pleasant discoveries of a long term relationship: Learning to be together and maintaining your separateness. It allows you to spend time with your partner while deliciously maintaining a level of selfishness. You’re not plagued by compromise. You’re not deciding what to do, together. You don’t waste time wondering if he really wanted to watch that romantic comedy, or if Dark Knight would have been preferred….even though we’ve seen it hundreds of times… oh wait, that’s a no brainer. DUH. It’s a wonderful elevation of your intimacy. Pouring rain outside and a full glass of sauvignon blanc are merely the cherries on top of a sundae.

Oh, and then we met up with our besties and barbequed in the rain. That’s how we role in FL. Not gonna let a tropical storm f**k up your fun.

Current Jam: Mumford and Sons “The Cave”

Hey, ‘Sup?

Well, I’ve succumbed to the world of blogging. I’ve toyed with the idea for many, many moons. Every time I came close, my ego (or lack thereof) would bring me skidding to a halt; after all, who gives a crapola about my life? It’s boring! Then I realized that, for the most part, EVERYONE’S life is boring, but maybe only to themselves. Thus, ‘Encyclopedia of a Boring Life’ was founded, on the principles of vanity, shameless self-promotion, and of course, boredom. Because that’s mostly what a blog is, at least in my opinion.

So here are the basics: I’m a UF grad with a useless bachelor’s degree in art history. I currently work at an insurance company handling non-injury liability claims (my GOD, aren’t you bored already??). I have a boyfriend and a cat, both of which are awesome. They keep me sane and grounded whilest reveling in my boredom with me. My cat copes mostly by running around like a crazy idiot and fucking up our blinds. He appreciates the simple things in life.

In an effort to make myself feel more accomplished, I am in the process of applying to graduate schools in, big surprise, art history. Trust me, I’ve read all the articles about why grad school is a bad idea in this economy. But it’s a life goal of mine, and I need one to get a foot in the door in my field anyway. So as the months of 2012 whiz by, I’ll be regaling you with stories of online applications and re-write after re-write of my statements of purpose. Maybe I shouldn’t use the term ‘story’….

I like to cook. I actually was a line cook for 6 years, at a fine dining steakhouse (think local version of Ruth’s Chris). I ran saute. Alllll day. That was a very enjoyable and enriching part of my life. I learned a lot from that experience, made a lot of good friends, and that was the first job I felt I was actually good at. Incidentally, I just got a baller-ass Kitchenaide stand mixer for my Christmas present, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed de-flouring it with all sorts of experiments, but more on that later.

I guess the direction of this blog is to share my life with you. Whatever that entails… well, I guess we’ll see!

Anyways, that’s all I can think to include at the mo’. Questions, concerns, constructive criticism on my writing/ideas/life choices are encouraged, though perhaps they won’t always be appreciated. Pretend you’re like my mom, with that nagging advice that I end up listening to even though I’m fervently plugging my ears and yelling “Lalalalalalala!”.

Nice to meet you guys. 🙂 Cheers.