Hey, ‘Sup?

Well, I’ve succumbed to the world of blogging. I’ve toyed with the idea for many, many moons. Every time I came close, my ego (or lack thereof) would bring me skidding to a halt; after all, who gives a crapola about my life? It’s boring! Then I realized that, for the most part, EVERYONE’S life is boring, but maybe only to themselves. Thus, ‘Encyclopedia of a Boring Life’ was founded, on the principles of vanity, shameless self-promotion, and of course, boredom. Because that’s mostly what a blog is, at least in my opinion.

So here are the basics: I’m a UF grad with a useless bachelor’s degree in art history. I currently work at an insurance company handling non-injury liability claims (my GOD, aren’t you bored already??). I have a boyfriend and a cat, both of which are awesome. They keep me sane and grounded whilest reveling in my boredom with me. My cat copes mostly by running around like a crazy idiot and fucking up our blinds. He appreciates the simple things in life.

In an effort to make myself feel more accomplished, I am in the process of applying to graduate schools in, big surprise, art history. Trust me, I’ve read all the articles about why grad school is a bad idea in this economy. But it’s a life goal of mine, and I need one to get a foot in the door in my field anyway. So as the months of 2012 whiz by, I’ll be regaling you with stories of online applications and re-write after re-write of my statements of purpose. Maybe I shouldn’t use the term ‘story’….

I like to cook. I actually was a line cook for 6 years, at a fine dining steakhouse (think local version of Ruth’s Chris). I ran saute. Alllll day. That was a very enjoyable and enriching part of my life. I learned a lot from that experience, made a lot of good friends, and that was the first job I felt I was actually good at. Incidentally, I just got a baller-ass Kitchenaide stand mixer for my Christmas present, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed de-flouring it with all sorts of experiments, but more on that later.

I guess the direction of this blog is to share my life with you. Whatever that entails… well, I guess we’ll see!

Anyways, that’s all I can think to include at the mo’. Questions, concerns, constructive criticism on my writing/ideas/life choices are encouraged, though perhaps they won’t always be appreciated. Pretend you’re like my mom, with that nagging advice that I end up listening to even though I’m fervently plugging my ears and yelling “Lalalalalalala!”.

Nice to meet you guys. 🙂 Cheers.

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