Road Trippin’ and Weekend Shenans

Have you ever wondered, as your eyes crack open and unfuzz in the midmorning light, what pair of underwear you’re wearing? Like, are you still wearing the pair from last night, or did you change before falling into bed? And then you try to picture your undies before you look down and confirm? Maybe it’s just me…

Anyways! I plugged my iphone in to charge and realized how many fotos I’ve got from a road trip I took last weekend with some besties for bargain and consignment bridal shopping:

This Saturday, though spent wandering around boring ol’ G’ville, was still very enjoyable: complete with kitties, errands, my favorite Happy Hour in town, a half-drunk scarfing down of delicious tex mex, and drinks, friends and a fitting karaoke rendition of Garth Brook’s “I Got Friends in Low Places” at one of my favorite bars.

Not sure what today has in store…. if my intuition is correct, I foresee movies and rainy steaks.

Anywhos, that’s what I’ve been up to, I know you were dying to know. Hope your June has been good as mine 🙂 Happy Summer Ya’ll!

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