Don’t you hate writer’s block? Gaaawwwwwd.

Fuck it. Random compilation time:

Pretty much love this entire house.

Me: “Did you know lobsters are only like a few chromosomes away from spiders?” Dad: “Yeah I’ve seen those lobster webs.”

This stuff is like CRACK. Thanks Dad!

Finally watched Exit Through the Gift Shop. Very fucking cool. My favorite part was when Banksy managed to hang one of his own pieces in an effing museum. The trench coat and hat were just so Watchmen.

I can honestly say that I’ve never truly blacked out before. Even in the most drunken stupor, I can usually piece together some kind of timeline from the night before. NOT Saturday night. I remember my good friend Ed driving my car back to his apartment after bar close so I could crash on his couch. The next morning I felt like this:

And then Ed told me about the remainder of our evening. I was loud drunky as per usual, and demanded that we immediately take shots out of my flask. We then ate chips, hummus and queso. I said the hummus tasted like shit and wanted more queso, so Ed tried to add some garlic and spices to make it better. We then downed some wine and sat down to watch the Tonight Show. We were just getting into the latest crap gossip about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes when I passed the eff out.

 Speaking of   Katie Holmes…. ever notice how most actors do 1 of  2 things then they’re having an emotional moment, staring into a lover’s eyes? They either pick one point on the person’s face and just stare at it. Or their eyes bounce back and forth from 1 eye to the next. Guess which one Katie Holmes does? Hint: check out some old school episodes of Dawson’s Creek (more like Dawson’s Crap!)

I f**king LOVE Perry Bible Fellowship comics. Just in case your Monday sucked:

This… truly is, brain barf…..

Current Jam: “Once More, With Feeling” soundtrack from that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That’s right, eat me.

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