Anyone get the name of that truck?

Well, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. of nails. Because my back is killing me.

I had a lot of really weird dreams last night. It was the perfect storm: I went to bed late, exhausted from 3 weeks of going full steam. My sleep cycle is slightly off-kilter too, mostly due to excessive revelry. It was a deep, befuddling slumber.

For starters, there was a lot of falling. I loathe falling dreams. Mostly because whenever I have a falling dream, it’s like my brain is a malfunctioning VCR. It keeps rewinding to my jump until right before I hit the ground. In this particular scenario, I was falling off of the Golden Gate Bridge, in a car. Towards black, black water. Incidentally, this is probably why I fate free falling rides.

Then, I dreamt that How I Met Your Mother‘s Marshall Erickson was my Sassy Gay Friend.

Then I was living in my deceased grandmother’s house (oddly enough, this is a recurring venue for me. Except in my dreams she always has this miraculously huge clawfoot tub, and I usually end up taking a bubble bath at some point). I received an unexpected visit from our neighbor, one of my ex’s mothers… She proceeded to tell me that she was in the process of organizing a dinner party to find him a mate, (to quote her as directly as I can) an “irreplacable bride”. I scoffed at her, and said that no one needs an “irreplacable bride”, but a WIFE. I launched into this philosophical rant about how ‘bride’ is a temporary status, it is fleeting. A wife, on the other hand, is a role that carries way more weight and emotional responsibility. And then I snapped a Z in her face. And then she smiled and confessed that, try as she might, she still liked me better than any of my ex’s girlfriends since.

And then my alarm went off. And I was caught briefly between reverie and reality. Although I was far from content, it was a brief hiatus from my lame job and the depression that comes from domestic restlessness. From living in your hometown and feeling financially tied down, despite your desperation to escape.

I grunted, rolled out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

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