Can’t Hardly Wait Style…

DUUUUUUDE. My parents were out of town this weekend…. and a sparkly idea came to me. I took a poll amongst my friends: Did we want to have a high school style KEGGER at my parents house. The overwhelming answer? HELL YEAH.

Planned in less than 12 hours, it was a rager to remember. Considering I haven’t thrown a house party since I was 21, I was please to see that Momma’s still got it. Complete with a keg, beer pong, SHOTS, and awesome friends. It was a perfect Saturday night, one that I really, really needed.

I offered ample crashing space as my ‘rents do live off the beaten path a ways. The party finally dwindled, at dawn, to about 10 people or so. I rolled over around noon (it’s bender induced insomnia, bonus because I’m used to waking up at 7:30), and perused the sitch: my bestie and her fiance in the room next to mine; a hooded figure on the couch (I found out later it was my alive friend Ben) another curled up in a money chair, my boy Ed on a cot (? where did that come from ?) in the dining room with a towel for a blanket, and my sister and her husband in my parent’s room.

A sprinkling of moments for your entertainment:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Best part? My parents totally knew. And they didn’t give a shit. Cause Momma’s also responsible… sometimes….

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