I got a tattoo today.

PS Here’s how I feel about ink: First of all, do whatever the hell you want. It’s your body. We live in a generation where these markings are practically already passé in the cultural and professional world. In short, WHO GIVES A FUCK?

That being said, they are still permanent. And to me, at least, if it’s permanent… I want to find it relevant, always. 20…. 40 years from now. I want it to mean something to me; doesn’t matter if it means something to anyone else.

The first tattoo I got: It took me 3 years to bite the bullet. It’s a slightly larger version of a stylized fish hook pendant my parents got me from New Zealand when I was 18. I didn’t even think of it as a tattoo idea until I was 20.  It’s called a Hei matau, and it’s a cultural treasure for the Maori (aka taonga, yes I wrote a paper on it once). It symbolizes prosperity, fertility and safe passage over water. I enveloped my own meanings into it as well; familial protection and love. I knew that I wouldn’t wear the pendant every day; but I could always carry that sentiment with me in the form of a tattoo. It was the perfect first ink. Done by the wonderful Mike Salay.

This time was slightly different…. Its feels like I’ve been through uncertain hell for awhile now, and I needed something to remind me to stay strong. To stay brave, and to keep my heart open. And I got this:

L’audace means audacity in french, the willingness to take bold risks. I have difficulty stepping outside of my comfort zone at times. This is my reminder.

PS: This one was done by Tim, a very nice and talented dude.

Current Jam: “After the Storm” Mumford and Sons (I KNOW, they’ve taken over my musical mind lately. Deal with it, that’s how I roll. I’ll move on, eventually)

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