It’s the simple things

I’m on the road, headed back home after a 3 day jaunt on the high seas. It was my best friends bachelorette party, so we went on a cruise to the bahamas. In a nutshell, it was the best combination of silliness, drunken stupor, and relaxation. We’re all pretty quiet at the mo’, lost in our own fatigue as the beyonce pandora station jams away in the background. I’m in the front passenger seat, my driving shift finished. The sun warms my legs as they sit perched atop the dashboard, and I’m contentedly making a mental list of what I live for in this life. I didn’t try to get too profound with it; it’s just a short compilation of some of my favorite things. I think this list can tell you a lot about a person. Whenever I want to get to know someone, I love to hear about their own little quirks and moments of mundane bliss. Anywho, here are some things I like:

Nail polish
Paulo Coelho
Good kissers
Cautious optimism
Clever jokes
Spicy sauce
Endorphin highs
The moment you realize your Pandora station is perf
Dry wit
Sharp knives
Tan lines
De-pitting avocados
Driving fast with windows rolled down
Bob Ross
Ferris Buellerianism
Chilled Sauvignon Blanc at sundown in a sundress
Riding on motorcycles
Being left handed
Boys with soulful, gorgeous eyes
Quand je pouvais parler francais
Shootin’ skeet
Running fingers through hair
Thoughtful and surprising gifts/dates
Jane Austen
Graphic novels
Being brave enough to try new things
Fires when it’s cold outside
A caress on my lower back
Mark Twain
The Princess Bride quotes
The fact that’s it’s way easier for me to think of things I like, instead of things I dislike (cause I was going to include that list too, but it’s surprisingly short right now)

Happy Labor Day 🙂


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