To the East, To the East…

To the West, more like.

I’m real antsy these days. I want to take a road trip somewheres. I want to marvel at something. I’ve spent the last few days pouring ideas in my Pinterest account, salivating over Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty and California redwoods. Oh, and wherever this is:


Ermergerd just look at that!! I want to photo whore all over that place.

I can only assume this restless state of mind is restultant of my current ‘hometown blues’ condition. I enjoy traveling, though I wouldn’t say I’ve got the bug as bad as other people. Exploring is fun, but I also find comfort in the familiar. I’ve lived in this town so long because I like to have a homebase, complete with my loved ones and a cozy roost. But it’s not fulfilling anymore. I’m so unbelievably bored. I go to the same bars because I know all the others bars suck, I do the same things because I have no inspiration to shake up my routine. I’ve started smoking more regularly than I ever have before, and I realized that it always starts when I’m out with my friends, and I just have nothing interesting to talk about anymore. So I occupy my hands, to spite my mind, and I light up cigarette after cigarette. This isn’t to say that I don’t love my friends and family. If anything, the stress of leaving them is the main reason I’ve gone so stagnant the past couple of years. I wouldn’t be able to survive without that support system, especially not these past few months. But DAMN that road is calling my name…

In a perfect world, I’d take all of them with me. We’d transplant to Austin or Asheville or WHEREVER and begin anew, brave new world and all that.

Actually, it’s quite funny: UT Austin is one of the schools I’m applying to. I’m praying I get in because everyone I’ve talked about it is convinced that I will fall in love with the place. And somehow magically, Austin has cast a spell on many of my friends as of late,  both close and peripheral. Everyone’s itchin to get out of the ‘ville. Fingers crossed, El Oh El.

Current Jam: “The Road” Frank Turner

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