2 things…

Don’t tell nobody ’bout this…. (hee hee…)

1) fun random : tests your ability to distinguish color. 0 is perfect. (I got a 4! Yay accomplishments!)

2) Go listen to Chris Isaak if you havent already. He’s got a luxurious voice, and I love the tamber of his lead guitar. My favorite album of his is Baja Sessions; it reminds me of the beach, at sunset, the sea air caressing my face (seriously the right music can evoke memories just as intense as the sense of smell). However, I did thoroughly enjoy my melodic drive home to “Life will go on”, off of Always Got Tonight. It’s just beautiful.

J/k: 3 things

3) I’m sleeping on my besties’ couch tonight, i.e. posting via my iPhone. And honestly, I really fucking hate typing on this thing. You’d think it wouldn’t be a biggie, especially if you saw my baby thumbs. But noooo. Hashtagfirstworldproblems or whatever

Current jam: duh ^

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