I woke up this morning in one of those surreal semiconscious states, slightly in and slightly out of a dream. It kickstarted a reminiscent ‘brain train’ for me, of random cultural and personal references that hadn’t crossed my mind in a long time.

What is a ‘brain train’, you ask? It is my affectionate term for a stream of conscious thought that takes you from point A to point %, somehow, and afterwards you have to backtrack to figure out how the hell you got from mentally compiling a grocery list to comparing and contrasting the various merits of Alanis Morrisette’s album Jagged Little Pill.

Thus, here is my Friday Morning brain train:

1) Those ‘Make 7 / Up Yours’ T shirts. Totally had one when I was in 7th grade:

2) As Seen on TV moment: Those electronic ab blaster thingies….. considering that they are now filing lawsuits for people injured while using Shapeups, in hindsight this seems like a terrible idea.

Just sit on your ass and turn this on, and you’ll look like me in no time! *Wink, finger snap/point*

3) Political relevance: Remember how excited everyone was about Howard Dean during the 2004 election season? And then he got a lil’ too excited… and then he dropped out. YEAY!

(DISCLAIMER: I am NOT the kind of person that delves into heated political discussion. SO don’t bother gettin’ your panties in a twist over arguing the REAL reasons why Howard Dean dropped out. In my twisted little brain, he made a funny noise and then no one could take him seriously, and I think that’s both fucked up and hilarious. You don’t agree? Oh, well I don’t care so keep it to yourself).

4) Vapid Consumerism: I enjoy clever advertisting. I initially was an advertising major because I wanted to be a copywriter. I ended up switching to art history because I was intimidated by the overarching business-related curriculum. I was just a quiet quirkster that wanted to be creative n shit! Nevertheless, I still love to analyze commercial and print ads, and there will always be a soft spot in my heart for truly entertaining commercials. Without further adeiu, remember this starbucks commercial? (GLEN, GLENGLENGLEN!) love it.

5) Viral Video: This was the funniest shit when I was in highschool:

And then I got to work… and now, 2 1/2 hours later I am writing this post instead of paying medical bills… Yeah Happy Friday ya’ll.

Current Jam: “Life Goes On” Pigeon John

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