At-home mani/pedis are the best. They make me feel… so feminine, especially when done in the presence of a potential beau. It’s almost sensual (almost). I guess because it’s an act of grooming that is so innately feminine, and usually private. You’re allowing someone into your intimate bubble, to experience a moment of your mundanity that is alien to them. It’s akin to watching a man shave (which I find sexy exactly because it’s so fundamentally masculine).

Aaand, extra bonus, I can wear nail polish to work now! In the restaurant biz it’s against health code… plus it’s kinda pointless since they’re frequently ruined within 1 shift. I’m constantly inspired by the nail art fad going on right now, but I can’t mimic the more intense designs. (Another downside of the restaurant biz: all that stress/adrenaline/drinking leaves most veterans with a mean case of the shakes).

My friend Leslie was in town over the Rosh Hashanah holiday this past weekend. We indulged in all things intrinsically Gainesvillian: dancing downtown amongst a sea of plaid-clad indie kids. Stumbling to a downtown afterparty, where I casually observed a flapper girl finish a bottle of Tequila, worm and all, while Leslie chased after stray kittens strewn about the neighborhood. I recall finally retreating to my Hyundai Greta, yelling over my shoulder to “git in the car!” I pinballed back to my bed around 4 am, a feat I still find amazing given that I was coasting on 3 hours of restless sleep from the previous nights’ shenanigans.

The rest of the weekend followed the same pattern, and before she left I met her at the bar for one last beer… and painted my nails:

Love that essie Shine of the times. It looks best over darker colors; over pale neutrals it looks too much like a milky opal, not my favorite gemstone. Try it over black: it looks the shizzit.

Current Jam: “Good Feeling” Flo Rida (I don’t care what anyone says, I love me some Flo Rida. He just makes me wanna dance!)

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