As much as I complain about my boredom in my small hometown, there are moments in which I have a tender appreciation for the ‘Ville.

There’s something to be said for comfort in the familiar.

Yesterday was relatively productive. Work was work, of course, but I had an excellent run, got some foto editing done, and met my friend Jackie for darts at my favorite bar. As I headed in, a cat call from behind caught my attention. I turned around and who do I see but my buds Chels and Montana! And Stacy and Joe and Brad as soon as I walk in! The bartender Matt even guessed my drink before I opened my mouth! I had to laugh at the serendipity. It literally felt as though I was where everyone knew my name… and yep, I got that warm fuzzy feeling. I mentally hugged myself and thanked whoever above for all my wonderful, hilarious, beautiful, cray-cray friends.

History Lesson: I grew up here. I went to elementary/middle/high/college here. Whenever I meet someone and they learn of my ACR status (Alachua County Resident for those not in the know), they immediately say, “Oh! Well you must know so-and-so”. And then I smile and say, “nope”. 

I didn’t talk to many people in highschool. I was a shy band nerd, who wore marching t shirts, jeans and men’s flipflops every. single. day. Anytime I did open my mouth I usually regretted it. (I’ve said a lot of dumb shit in my time). Heh, I remember one day I actually wore a semi-colorful tank top in leui of the obligatory white T, and a girl in my class practically fell over herself to compliment me. It wasn’t that I scoffed at the attention; I wasn’t offended. I just wondered afterwards what perception I gave to those around me. To receive that ear-splitting grin and fervent thumbs up made it feel like I finally accomplished some banal initiation, hitherto deemed impossible by my peers. I finally looked like a girl, not poor and/or boring. I was finally above anyone’s pity… it made me uncomfortable. I showed up the next day in another hanes undershirt. I might have imagined it, but I think that girl audibly sighed when she saw me.

Thank god I grew out of that awkward era…

Back to last night: and then the Jeanderwear happened….

Initial sighting

I tried to get as much of a closeup as I could… to the point where I was creepin behind a wooden pillar and sticking my arm out nonchalantly… Which was completely inconspicuous. What can I say, sometimes I lack subtlety:


Wildlife Documentarist?

Then, of course, Chels busted out I’D CAP THAT, and “forced” us to take shots. Bitch. Lezzbehonest though, not like she had to yank my arm or anything. (I also lack discipline). WordPress is lame and I can’t put in a slideshow without showing all uploaded images to this post… so pretend those last 2 aren’t there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Current Jam: “Say It Ain’t So” Weezer, “Soul Meets Body” Death Cab, “Walking with a Ghost” Tegan and Sara, “Breathe Me” Sia (Indie love song station on Pandora is NAILING it today).

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