Get it Gurl/The Internet is Amazing

Damn, feeling that sisterly love today! As soon as I open my email I’m thrown these two amazing uplifters:

29 Reasons Why Girl Power is Back – Refinery29 

50 Hottest/Funniest Girls of All Time – Complex

It does bother me slightly that funny and hot are not mutually exclusive in this context, but lezzbe real, that connection is not happenstance. It’s an immutable part of our culture to desire positive visual stimulation. Oftentimes I force myself to just let it go. I soothe any wounded feminism by championing the idea that being physically attractive should be auxillary; it’s the subtitle to the grander idea. As in, yes I’m hot, isn’t that nice, but that’s secondary to this more important awesome aspect of moi. Hey asshole, eyes up here, on my brain. Thanks. 

On a more general note, this shit looks awesome too.

The interweb has not failed me this morning. Mission Wake the Fuck up: accomplished. Mission Stop Procrastinating and Get Some Fucking Work Done: ongoing… Oooh looka that!… **succumbs to stumbleupon/imgur**

Current Jam: “Little Talks” Of Monsters and Men… on repeat…. I know, I know.

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