Let’s go get a beer and headbang.

Punkrockshowspunkrockshowspunkrockshows oh how I’ve missed you!!!

I had a responsible/notsoresponsible Monday evening. The first half was productive, with grad school apps and drafting statements of purpose and a brief run. Ya know, being an adult n shit. Second half was headbanga’s ball babay. It was a very last minute show at my favorite bar, in conjunction with a good friend (and amaaazing makeup artist)’s birthday. I met a dude named Wes who apparently shreds so hard on guitar that he got scouted out via FB to be in the new Billy Bob Thornton movie Jane Mansfield’s Car. Then there was Nigel, a middle-aged Londoner, who raged like a 20-something on stage. He was a member of the band the Vibrators…. *sigh*…. oh el oh el oh el. It was perfect  timing too, it’s got me sooooo psyched for the upcoming FEST. #NUM#TATTOOS#CRUSTIES

Current Jams: “Filter” Smoke or Fire / “Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs” Dillinger Four / “For the Four” Off with their heads

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