Double-Edged Sword.

A few things about living by yourself:

1) Pro: cleanliness. I can keep my apartment as neat (or unneat) as I want. I no longer have to pick up after ANYONE but myself. That’s kinda tight.

2) Con: bugs. I was nonchalantly unpacking from one of the best weddings ever when I caught some movement out of my periph…. low and behold, we had a flyer. A giant, flying cockroach nervously making its way up my bedroom door… In short, I was like ‘a-goddammit!’ I hadn’t had to deal with this in a while. I didn’t have bug spray. I attacked it with a hyper-intense bathroom cleaner to disable it and grabbed a piece of junk mail to toss it out of my apartment…. all the while groaning ‘eeeeewwwww’ and shuddering.

3) Pro: semi-public nudity: I went out for karaoke at my favorite bar tonight, but my group dismantled early, around 1 am. So I came home. I shut my door, and immediately opened the windows (blinds drawn, I’m not my neighbors for chrissake) and stripped to the appropriate level of comfort. Aaaahhhhh…. those skinny jeans were… inhibiting.

4) Con: lonely nights. Pour la plupart, I’m enjoying living by myself. I get that level of privacy. It’s nice. But nighttime can be a lonely time. I like having pillow talk until the wee hours, and I miss it. Even Troy and Abed, or Angela from My So-Called Life, can’t adequately replace that.

5) Pro: My apartment is awesome and cute and adorable. If you haven’t seen it yet you’re missing out. That is all.

Current Jam: “TV Party” Black Flag

3 thoughts on “Double-Edged Sword.

  1. the minute i walk into my apartment, my pants come off. i do homework without pants now, i make breakfast, lunch and dinner pantsless…i don’t have pants on right now if you were wondering.

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