Failure Fridays.

Nothin like applying to grad school to make you feel like you haven’t done shit with your life!

I finally got off my ass and resumed the application process. I just sent out reverentially worded e-mails to professors who I’m terrified won’t remember me. (Despite their reassurances 2 years ago that they would). My CV is finished, and much to my relief it is quite longer than I anticipated. It definitely feels… inflated… but hey, I gotta push what I got, I guess…

My statement of purpose is worrying me… but I hear that’s to be expected. I’m having the worst writer’s block with it, and the flow is just so fragmented. It’s this giant, looming hump that I have to surmount before the rest of this process can move along.

And what’s this imposter syndrome? Oh yeah, it’s exactly how I feel right now…

UGH. I’ll be glad when this is finished.

Oh yeah…. apparently I have got a job that I’m supposed to be doing too…. fuck it, I’ll work on my purp while I’m on never-ending HOLD.
~~~~~ Upside: My friend Montana is hilarious. Some dude kept parking in her spot that she had rightfully claimed many moons ago. So she left him a note… he doesn’t park there anymore:


Also, Publix spicy pepper hummus was on sale today. So I bought 5. NERRRMMMMMM.

Current Jam(s): “Portions for Foxes” Rilo Kiley / “Houdini” Foster the People

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