TPS Reports.

We have a ….colorful cast of characters at my job… allow me to introduce Harold.

Harold was on my old team in non-injury before I moved over to medical. He’s an elderly gentleman, bald and thin with thick glasses. I think he’s half deaf… and he kinda looks like a turtle. He’s a nice guy, but he tends to come across as a super creepster, especially with young women. He’s friends with a lot of the women who work here. When I first met him he would talk about happy hours with the girls at Chili’s, and how they would have a grand ol’ time just people watching. It seemed pretty normal to me at the time, because honestly? I thought he was gay… but he’s not. Is it weird that he appears to prefer blondes?… Anyways, a couple of anecdotes about Harold:

1) My desk mate, Joe, was approaching the sink in the men’s bathroom to wash his hands. Harold was already posted up… and then Joe watched as Harold took his teeth out and put them on the counter. The wet counter. *shudder*

2) We had a new member on our team, yet another young, bubbly blonde named Rachel. She mentioned once that she had never been to a local football game, so Harold graciously invited her to on the following Saturday since he had season tickets. After conferencing with us, she decided it was harmless. And it was… until he picked her up and presented her with a new T-shirt and bracelet… and later when he surreptitiously payed her tab at another game day store while she was still shopping… He said that he “wanted to make her first game special”… All this was awkward, but the cherry on that sundae came a couple weeks later…

We were out at a team lunch at a tex mex place, and Rachel was declaring her love for guacamole. Innocently, unassuming. When she came in the next morning… there was an avocado ominously placed by her mouse pad… My new favorite joke is to leave her presents will silly, creepy notes on them. heh heh heh… office shenans.

Current Jam: “Dynamite” The Roots

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