Thursday Musings

a) do you ever have days where you just don’t want to wear a real bra? Yeeaaahhh, I woke up this morning in a sports bra… looked at my real brassiere and said, eh, fuck it. I look a lil’ flat chested today, but I really just don’t care.

b) I had a dream last night about Facebook notifications… apparently one of my friends tagged me and several others in a post about their love for Matt and Kim. I awoke slightly affronted. Made me wonder if lightspeed briefs linger dangerously close on the horizon…

c) God DAMMIT I love a man in a dress shirt and a button down vest. I don’t know what it is, but it’s sexy as hell. Oh, and if he’s got his sleeves rolled up to the elbow? uuuhhhhhh HOLY CRAP.

d) This sent me into a fit of adorable giggles at 8:30 am. No small feat, since I’m the very antithesis of a morning person. On a somewhat related note, I, like Ron Swanson, have a passionate love for breakfast. I also want a framed picture of it for my kitchen. (Props to my friend Sam for showing it to me/making my day!)

Current Jam: “Cherish” Madonna (Yep, still on that Immaculate Collection kick

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