Fun Fact about Cats.

Keepin’ that feline theme going:

So cats are crafty little bastards. Forever adept at fucking shit up; Masters of the art of indifference; Acrobatic Bruce Lees. As you probably know, you drop a cat, it magically lands on its feet. Like 99% of the time. Wellllll check this shizz out: what if you dropped a cat off of a ledge 10 stories from the ground…That bitch would probably walk away. Why?? You Ask, HOW?? WITCH!

Any height, from 1-5 stories, or over 9 stories, a cat has a really good survival rate. Well, what happens between the 5th and the 9th floor, you ask? Think preparation for landing. The speed at which a cat falls from those heights correlates to how quickly they can adapt to the fall. It’s not enough time. Hence, many, many injured kitties. But! Over 9 stories, this amazing science-y thing happens called terminal velocity. From 9 stories and above, the time it takes to fall is enough time for the pull of gravity and wind resistance to equalize; and the cat actually starts to slow down! Additionally, cats will fan out their limbs too as they hurtle adorably to the ground: picture a flying squirrel. The kitty with the current world record for feline base jumping fell 42 stories and walked, or sauntered, away.

Check out this podcast for additional info.

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