Weird Beard.

I had a dream last night that the house I was renting had the largest bathroom EVER. No seriously, this thing was easily the size of a small warehouse. I instagrammed the SHIT out of it while random people I apparently knew frollicked across slick tile floors. They giggled, nay, cackled, as showerheads from every direction spurt forth steamy hot water. It may sound slightly sexy, but it wasn’t. It was weird. What do you think it means???

Honestly, I much prefer my quirky dreams to my recurring stress dreams (well DUH LL, doesn’t everyone?). Top of the list on least faves:

I’m driving a car. Sometimes I’m on a familiar road in the ‘Ville, SW 13th Street or Archer Road. Sometimes I’m on a nondescript country back road. The destination varies as well. I go to blink, and then my eyes won’t re-open. No matter how desperately I force it, I just can’t open my eyes. Right before I crash, the dream rewinds on me, at least a few times. My “Freudian” interpretation falls somewhere between a) coping with a lack of direction/control/indecision in an area of my life, and b) being annoyed that I’m asleep and can’t force myself awake… I don’t know.

Luckily, I actually haven’t had that dream in months… what do you think that means? 😉

Current Jam: “Your Hand in Mine” Explosions in the Sky

One thought on “Weird Beard.

  1. it means that you are seriously ill, mentally and you should immediatly seek medical assistance. Or it means you’re normal and well adjusted with typical stresses in your life integrated into your dreams. Dream analysis is tricky….

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