Too tired to write.

But not to fall asleep apparently….

Seriously, I have so many thoughts circulating right now. So, SO many. But I know myself well enough to know that I can’t categorize them now. If I tried to write about it, it would just be an incomprehensible stream of consciousness. So my reminders for the coming week: the depth of my psychoses, fears of falling in like, coming to terms with a lack of life experience and a depression that pompously scoffs at a privileged childhood.

So back to what I was doing: suited up (for me that means PJ’s and a zipped up hoodie), headphones on (ps I live alone….), lying on my bed HEAD BANGING TO AMAZING JAMS.

Current JAM: “wait so long” Trampled by Turtles. ON REPEAT. That’s right.

Me to my brain:

Fuck you and yo couch!

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