Quirks #6/7

6) I’m not bothered by a chipped manicure. Much like a Grecian nose or a meticulously chosen denim tear, it adds character to one’s appearance. It’s like that visual aversion to new, starkly white sneakers, a la Jerry Seinfeld. I don’t dislike a fresh manicure, but I’m not immediately distraught by the first hint of decay…. Maybe that’s just my justification for being too lazy to fix it… EH whatever.

7) On that same vein, I really like observing others’ hands. They can tell you a lot about a person. Perfectly groomed nails bespeak a detail oriented persona, gnarled tips can indicate a nervous countenance. You can separate a manual laborer from a white collar paper pusher; an accomplished cook from a rugged rock climber.

This is from my days as a line cook…. I’m 3rd from the left…

It’s not just the way they look, but how they are used. They can be as expressive as the human face. Por ejemplo: my new boo has lovely, masculine hands. Clean, short nails. Small calluses. Nimble fingers. Actually, I first noticed them in photographs, not in person. I found his hand placement to be… carefully calculated. His mitts emit this combination of a strong grasp and a gentle delivery, like the epitome of exercised control. Of course, I couldn’t tell you someone’s life story just by analyzing their extremities. I can’t read palms or anything. It’s a general impression I get, merely one piece to a person puzzle. An intriguing piece…

This is my friend Ed and his sexy mitts. Nums, right?

Now that I’ve brought this to your attention you’re gonna be staring intently at everyone’s paws today. Haha, you’re welcome. Consider it an exercise in deciphering body language… Have fun,

Current Jam: “Steady On” Shawn Colvin

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