Like many others, I spent this past holiday weekend bonding with seldom seen family members and gorging on turkey. Watching football with my brother-in-law, “helping” my sister compile the centerpiece, and hunting down the wily family cat with my 7 year old cousin Sophia. After dinner my sister and I took her two dogs for a stroll through my parents pitch black neighborhood. Flashlights in hand, we ended up in a giggle fit with Sophia, chasing after her and squealing, “stay with the pack!”

As per usual, my intrinsically concerned aunt inquired after my well being as we shared a glass of wine post-pie. I gushed over the good things and confessed some of the less-than-good things. I can’t help but be honest with her…. eventually. It’s like she emits truth serum through her pores. She silently listened (another thing I love about my aunt; unlike so many people in my family – myself included – she doesn’t interrupt!). When I paused for breath she asked some very pointed follow up questions, and so began the cathartic/unpleasant process….

My aunt could be a therapist. She can take any overly-complex explanation and break it down to its purest points. It’s unsettling! It makes you realize how hard you try to maintain and fortify that facade to the outside world. There are few people who can break through that barrier, and I’m always slightly surprised every time she does…. so effortlessly.

The next day she sent me an email:

“Hey Laura,

It was good to talk with you yesterday. I thought you might like this Ted Lecture ((She loves Ted Talks because she’s smart AS HELL too)). It was very helpful to me, and so, I thought you might find value in it as well.”

Check it out here.

If nothing else, it’s a good reminder that we are all deserving of love, and we are all enough.

Current Jam: “Changes” 2Pac

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