Pet Peeve #2

2) Girls who compete for attention with dudes they’re not even interested in: This I do not understand…. Well, perhaps I understand it, but I don’t condone it. Platonic relationships between men and women occupy a precarious sphere of push and pull. It is an unfortunate fact of existence and evolution. I battle with it occasionally, because I truly enjoy the company of men. But I’ve learned that a certain level of distance and decorum must be kept. Why? Because I am a lover not a fighter. I sincerely try to NOT be vindictive or manipulative, and maintaining that level of distance prevents any miscommunication between my guy friends, their girlfriends and my boyfriends. And so, with all this effort I put forth to prevent unnecessary boat-rocking, I’m a little annoyed when I see girls actively pursue a guy they have absolutely no interest in. Guys who, in their eyes, were dirty pennies until some other vagina threatened to swoop in, and suddenly their rank exploded to the gold standard. It’s just… bitchy. There’s a reason you didn’t fuck him; there’s a reason why you fucked him but didn’t date him. So get over yourself. You’re not God’s gift to men. Give this person you claim to care about a chance to be happy. Earth-to: With very few exceptions, you will never be the primo woman in his life. That will be his girlfriend/wife. So get over that now. If that offends you, just take a moment and put the shoe on the other foot: how would you feel if your hubs had an extremely personal, yet platonic, relationship with a girl… Of course your knee jerk reaction is one of feigned acceptance. The ‘oh I’m above that because I’m awesome’ attitude. Good luck with that, sweetheart. Hearts aren’t always awesome. They don’t always react rationally, no matter how we try to force it.

Current Jam: “Hope” Descendents

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