Thursday’s the New Friday

First things first: Call this number, (719) 266-2837.

It’s Call N Oates: The Emergency Hall n Oates Hotline. You’re welcome.

Next things next!

The folks at have successfully stroked my ego, and convinced me to do some Q & A for them. So far I’m intrigued; this site is a very cool resource, whether you’re thinking of a career change or you’re just a curious lil’ cat. As you may have gleaned from the title, it is an employment hub of sorts. Approved members can host a Q & A about their job, and you can ask ’em anything about it (within reason, I’m sure). The site covers a buttload of bases: they’ve got a tattoo artist, an EMT, a farmer, contributors to the Onion, an air traffic controller, and even a performer in Cirque du Soleil and a professional (that’s right, professional) bull rider!

Check it out! aaaand if you ever wanted to ask me a question about the glamorous, party-ridden life of a claims adjuster, my screen name c’est la même: LLLawnchair. If you don’t care, that’s ok, I’m not offended. I don’t really care either, el oh el.

Current Jam: “Hurtlin'” American Steel

One thought on “Thursday’s the New Friday

  1. Hey there “LLLawnchair!”

    Just stopping by after a visit to your “Jobstr” page and wanted to thank you for giving me a shout out on your blog which, incidentally, I love the title of! I’m the air traffic controller. We’re not particularly smart but can usually rely on “audacity” to get us though..


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