Rant #67

I live in a college town. This unforunately means the median age is somewhere around 20-21, and immaturity is rampant. As a result, I frequently encounter a portion of the younger populace that I absolutely detest. We’re talking about a loathing that makes me want strangle them and leave their bloated lifeless bodies in a dumpster behind Denny’s. What is it, you may be wondering, that I so abhor about these people? Allow me to elaborate:

I am an adult. An adult who, like many other adults, went through a slightly hellish adolescence. However, I managed to make it through unscathed (mostly) and now I can cherish one of the few remarkable aspects of post-high school life: I can choose who I spend my time with.  Instead of being forced to interact with all manner of obnoxious, self-obsessed, idiotic persons, I get to freely pick out those other like-minded, kindred spirits with whom to socialize. And I love it.

Except sometimes social niceties require me to once again hang out with those people that I hated in public school: the self-proclaimed popular kids. Those who inherently decided on every aspect of acceptable group behavior; who clung tightly to that social heirarchy, for fear if they didn’t maintain their presence on the proverbial ladder they would fall from grace and be thrown amongst the ‘normies’, to borrow a phrase from Family Guy. There’s a reason I refuse to date macho meatheads: because they’re assholes, and I don’t like assholes. They think that a backhanded compliment is the way to get you into bed. They want a simple-minded, submissive trophy wife. One that they can freely cheat on and get away with the biological excuse of ‘spreading their seed’. And the Daria-esque presidents of the fashion club? Take your egocentric meaningless prattle somewhere else. Your hyper-forced confidence is bleeding into your carefully (unsuccessfully) camouflaged insecurity. Oh, and you have lipstick on your teeth.

I know I’m sensitive. Overly sensitive. It is one of my many flaws. I have spent at least the last 10 years of my life trying to generate a thick skin, to adopt the mantra ‘water off a duck’s back’. However, that doesn’t mean that I deserve to be treated with casual disinterest, like an outsider, or someone considered ‘safe’ to sardonically ridicule.

I guess my point is, I believe in Karma. I believe in the Golden Rule. I believe that you get back what you put into this world. I recognize that Life is hard. I understand that some people get dealt a shitty opening hand, but guess what? That’s no excuse. It’s never been an excuse, and it never will be.

…I’m suddenly reminded of my morning car ride with my boo, and discussing the notion of hating a person based merely upon the sound of their voice. Yeah, I’m totally guilty of this. There’s a woman I work with who I can’t stand, all because her laugh is a cross between Fran Drescher and Steve Urkel… 

Oh well, no one’s perfect right?

Current Jam: “That’ll be the day” Linda Ronstadt

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