Hey! ‘Member back in January when you were all “This year I’m gonna lose that extra 10 pounds!”… How’s that going so far?…

…Yeah, me neither. But have faith friends! Some new resources to re-kickstart your stalled weight loss plans:

1) A couple of apps to motivate you: MyFitnessPal and Gorilla Workout:

– My Fitness Pal is a free calorie counter, available online and on your smartphone. You can add quick calories, your own recipes, and scan bar codes to make tracking as hassle-free as possible. Plus, it’s super customizable and you can add friends to help keep you motivated! (friend me if you want, my screenname is llibert39)

– I was turned onto Gorilla Workout by my future roomie Danny. It’s a great app for resistance workouts, no weights, no gym required! If you’re stuck in a boring strength training program and you need to mix it up, give this a try.

2) Pump up the volume: Refinery29 has a new workout playlist for you, and Pandora’s Running (Radio Mix) station is a good’n. If you’re like me and you hate it when you get 3 crappy songs in a row, try this: When I find a new workout station I like, I’ll listen to it for a few days to tweak it to my preferences.

4) Check out this video from FitSugar for a quick 10 minute fat blasting workout, perfect for early rises and lunch breaks.

5) If you’re currently an office slug comme moi, you basically have to sit on your ass in order to get any work done. Try these little tweaks to get that muscle tone back. (also courtesy of Refinery29… just start following this site if you’re not already, it’s hella-tight).

6) My lovely, badass sister found this awesome workout. Beware; it will kill you, but the intensity ensures rapid heart rate and high calorie burn:

Workout- from Pinterest

Jumping Jacks: 20 sec
Back lunges: 20 sec

Rest: 30 sec

Plank: 30 sec
Right side plank: 30 sec
Plank: 30 sec
Left side plank: 30 sec
Plank: 30 sec

Rest: 30 sec

Burpees: 20 sec
Skater jumps : 20 sec

Rest: 1 min

Reverse Plank: 30 sec
Reverse plank, alternating leg lifts (keep pelvis up!): 30 sec
Tricep dips: 30 sec
Tricep dips with alternating leg lifts: 30 sec

Rest: 1 min

Bicycle crunches: 20 sec
Toe touch crunches: 20 sec
Superman: 30 sec
Downward Facing Dog: 30 sec

REPEAT 8 Times!!!


Keep it up guys, you can do it! Being healthy is IMPORTANT DAMMIT! Now where’s my vodka soda… (100 calories for a single, btdubs…)

Current Jam: “Eye of the Tiger” Survivor

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