Boring Life Update

The tears and hiccups have subsided, ya’ll!!   *Whew* Of course, a mere 36 hours after my initial freak out came a whirlwind of orientations and meet-n-greets. And OF COURSE I felt better. I know, I’m insane.

‘So! What’s grad school like so far, LL?’ You may be asking. Well, I don’t feel I can give a fully accurate portrayal to date, as I’ve literally been through 1 week of class, but so far I’ve identified the first big hurdle: Though I wasn’t particularly surprised, this week I learned that a full-time grad student in my department will be expected to read 400-600 pages a week… ummmmm shit. Wowsers. This party is really gettin’ started now, huh?

Therefore, as I know myself well enough to know that I can succumb to procrastination, especially when there’s something fun to look forward to, I have forced myself to get ahead of the game as much as possible this week. School and Exercise are my top 2 priorities… aside from randomly snap-chatting my boo something ridiculous and/or naughty.

Currently I’m posted up in another local cafe (This time, Red-Eye off Thomasville Rd), cherishing the precious moments when you begin to delicately sip on your cappuccino… before the need to poo sets in. Here I thought I’d be all 21st century student and head to a coffee shop to read/study away on my laptop… and then I remembered that such establishments are A) loud, especially if its a good one, and B) waaaaay too distracting for me. I got through 2 pages of a Foucault reading assignment before resigning myself to a blog update.

Pros to studying in public:

-Feeling connected to the outside world

-Look cool/clever/cute

-Better coffee than I make at home

-I am not distracted by my large TV, or my naggingly messy bathroom

-No fridge to open time and time again before reminding myself that NO, I’m not hungry….ooohhhh goat cheese…. NO! Sit back down!

Cons to studying in public:

-Maybe I’m borderline ADHD, but I just can’t concentrate, especially not on philosophical arguments re: the nature, definition and inherent limitations on the artist/author. There’s just too much quality people-peepin’ to be done! I mean, for goodness sake, there’s a FABULOUS mustache a mere 10 feet away! How can I ignore that?!

-My couch/bed/FLOOR is more comfortable than this chair.

-Dammit all the outlets are taken and my battery’s almost dead.

-I have to poop/blow my nose/pick a wedgie

-I’m hungry, but I can’t afford more than the current cup o’ joe I just sucked down

-What’s that weird stain on the floor?

-HEY! Is that Tom Bosley??…… TOM!….. nope.

-Ugh, I hate putting the girls in bewb jail, plus I think this bra is technically broken.

-Still hungry…

And before I know it, I’ve wasted an hour. *Sigh* Back to my apartment cave, because I seriously can’t get anything done here.

Current Jam: Music also distracts me. The most I can handle is a classical Pandora station.

3 thoughts on “Boring Life Update

  1. I can so relate to this. But I think the coffee shop still has less distractions than my apartment and all the stuff in it. I enjoyed reading it, and I like your style ❤

  2. I agree with this, very much. I know some people think about nothing other than what they’re studying, like absolutely nothing else. Those are the people that I think concentrate super well. I move around my house too much, like you said tv, and computer. But studying outside the main problem like you said is HUNGER. I’m not capable of making my own lunch really so I just take like fruits and vegetables and stuff and eat, it’s normally but I can’t in the library. And buying lunch too much money wasted.

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