Pet Peeve #Idunno

So, you’re in the midst of a riveting text convo with a special someone… someone you might even, teehee!, ‘like’. It’s an exciting ping pong match of wit and racy innuendos when suddenly, they stop replying to you. You try to play it off cool, but eventually you’re all, well… wtf? And then when they FINALLY respond, they’re all, ‘oh sorry! While you were staring at your phone wondering why I didn’t el oh el at your sexy little joke,  I was out doing this awesomely fun thing with (insert random friend(s) here).’ I mean, really dude/dudette? You can’t say, oh hey, I gotta go do this thing, we’ll talk later! up front? That’s like the text equivalent of putting me on hold during phone sex and just leaving for a few hours. (Yeah, remember how us ’80’s babies still use our phones as actual phones sometimes?!)

How rude.

(PS. I know I’ve TOTALLY done this before too. I’m just sayin’, I’m working on it myself).

Current Jam: “Pray for Rain” The Ergs!

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