Cats are from Salt-Lake City, Dogs are from Topeka

Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Do you ever feel like you speak a completely different language than someone else? I don’t mean literally. I mean like, you both speak English, or French, or Pig Latin, but the way in which you express yourself or your viewpoints are fundamentally polar? You explain the way you feel about The Simpsons, or your preference for bleu cheese over ranch on your wings. Then, and after their reaction you tilt your head and think, are we having the same conversation?

It’s really frustrating to feel misunderstood, said everyone ever. Such an explosive emotive state can turn the most mundane conversation into a heated argument. In the most extreme cases, it leads to sobbing in the corner of the shower stall as you clasp your knees and your mascara glides down your cheeks.

I have such a relationship with a close friend. We love so many of the same things, yet we approach them in completely different ways. We understand and interpret the world askew from each other. While 95% of the time we make an exhilarating, perfectly lovely combination, that other 5% we wanna wring each other’s necks. Unfortunately, I hate fighting, no matter how you manipulate the statistic. I’m left drained, sad despite my residual ember of anger. She can bring out the best and the worst in me, and the sudden switch from one to the other always leaves me with figurative whiplash. What’s most upsetting are the fights when I wonder the next day, will she look back and finally understand? Or is this a fight that’s just on a rotation, it’s eventual resurfacing inevitable?


Like most of life’s complicated problems, astrology claims to have the answer! I admit, I’m a bit of an astro-nerd. I recognize that there’s substantial evidence supporting the argument that astrology is, to put it eloquently, a bunch of hullabaloo. Contrasting with my pragmatic nagging is an old adage of my grandmother’s, that’s there’s a finite number of personalities out there, and once you’re old enough no one will surprise you. So I prefer to take astrology from that angle. Perhaps there is a way to classify anyone’s behavior, their motivations and inexorable weaknesses. Regardless, it’s a fun little retreat for me into a make-believe world where I understand my place in the universe. All that being said, the site I visit most often is the astrotwins, and wouldn’t ya know it? They have the perfect document for my current troubles! : Astrotwins – How to Get Along with Anyone.

Maybe I can excrete some pearls of wisdom from that bad boy… if not, it’s still more interesting than my current reading assignment…

Current Jam: “Take a Minute” K’naan

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