That’s my best guess at phonetically spelling my restless frustration right now. Like for reals, I’m freakin out man!! It’s a combo of pent up sexual energy, too much (or not enough… I never can tell) caffeine and B12 vitamins, and the stress of this complex paper that I haven’t even started writing yet because I’m still pulling info from the ether to try and understand the argument I plan to make. Fate has slapped me in the face by dangling an incredibly attractive man in front of me, but pursuit is futile as he’s basically a nomad with a home base across the country. I have an enormous amount of stimulant in the form of chocolate covered espresso beans and monster rehabs coursing through me in a (clearly) vain attempt to focus on the looming presentation I have on Thursday that’s no where near where I want it to be…..

I basically feel like this:

Current Jam: Any song that will enable an impromptu dance party to help me release some energy. So far it’s been “The Holiday Song” by the Pixies, and “Ignition (the Remix)” R. Kelly,

…for example:

Ooooh graduate school….

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