Couple o’ Poems

Don’t you know?
Just what power you possess as you caress 
the curve of my hip? As your lips gently brush
my neck?
Don’t you know?
What lies beneath pearlescent skin
and sheepish grins? Both virtues and sin, of course
but beyond, or rather because, an invaluable thing.
Though malleable, true, it falters like a broken dove.
Don’t you know?
It’s effervescent glow is beautifully fragile,
Priceless gold which has sold itself to unworthy buyers before. 
Please, it murmurs, take care, take care.
Hold it firm, hold it softly, hold it as its delicacy demands,
Nurture it as it deserves. Just
                Please, Please
Protect it from harm. 
Be not alarmed, it is not your sole burden to keep,
but don’t you know?
Can’t you see?
In return, It hopes to bolster thee.
A beautiful death, I hold my breath
while I wait, perched,
ready to be absorbed. 
Chin held high, all doubt erased as I plunge
to the depths of a war torn maelstrom. 
Some would say Jonah fell for his whale,
his will exploding as he rolled down his lover’s tongue. 
He sunk, drunk, as provocations of devotion devolved to slurred nothings.
‘Sweet one,’ he whispered, ‘I simply cannot shine
without you, our souls now shall intertwine for eternity.’
He clung inside his rotund bride, finally at peace
with his sacrifice upon the altar of devotion.
The whale sighed; dived
to the depths with resolve
to expel the man who cast his own demise.
A beautiful death, to be true,
The end to the beginning of something new.

Current Jam: “Emmylou” First Aid Kit

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