And a reminder of just why I love Paulo Coelho so much. I don’t consider myself a religious person, or even much of a spiritual person, most of the time. But every now and again, he has a way with words that just speaks right to my soul: (Excerpt from Aleph, my book-0f-the-mo’)

“She closes her eyes again and raises her face heavenward.

‘I also forgive myself. May the misfortunes of the past no longer weigh on my heart. Instead of pain and resentment, I choose understanding and compassion… Instead of grief, I choose forgetting. Instead of vengeance, I choose victory.’

“I will be capable of loving, regardless of whether I am loved in return,
Of giving, even when I have nothing,
Of working happily, even in the midst of difficulties,
Of holding out my hand, even when utterly alone and abandoned,
Of drying my tears, even while I weep, 
Of believing, even when no one believes in me.”

She opens her eyes, places her hands on my head, and says with an authority that comes from on high, “So it is. So it will be.””

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