Gut Feeling

Gentle Readers, today I introduce you to my big sister, Rachel. She is one of the strongest, most determined ladies I have ever had the pleasure to know in such an intimate way. As many of you probably know, your relationship(s) with your sibling(s) is(are) always unique to any other relationship you have. Ours is no different. Sometimes I’m convinced we should have been twins; others, I’m equally sure that we can not be related! We are the same and different simultaneously. But in addition to our similarities and despite our differences, we love each other. Muthafuggin UNCONDITIONALLY. No one else I know can quote Tenacious D faster than the shortest challenge on ‘name that tune.’ So, check out her blog. It’s insightful, honest, and a beautiful narration to a struggle that more couples than you know face. Enjoy,

Lerv, L’s

Pregnancy: An Ethereal Goal

Couch Buyer Drawing

I know many of you that are closest to us have been patiently awaiting this post… NO, we don’t have a positive pregnancy test, yet, but I DO have an uplifiting anecdote, which is most definitely helping with my 12 day wait jitters. Ok here goes.

The picture above has only been actually been seen by a few, but I assure you, it exists. Justin and I are devoted to changing the complicated story of how we acquired such a fine piece each and every time we tell it. The hope is that once our children are old enough to share the story that they will never really know the truth and will continue the tradition of just making it up. We LOVE improv story telling at our house.

But here and now, loving friends and family, I will present the truest form of the story as this lowly little…

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