[no title]

When you met me I was wrong,
just wrong n’ worn out on love songs.
Became accustomed to washin’ away the tears as they
built up through the years…..

Oh fuck it. I’ve got writer’s block today, kids. Like, constipation-sized writer’s block. I was all, ooooh I’ve got a few hours to kill before dinner with the ‘rents, I’ll just post up at my fave restaurant/bar and let the creative juices just explode all over my keyboard! Yeah, right. My creativity appears to have erectile dysfunction today. I’ve got about 3 short stories, 5 or so poems, even some erotica in the works, but nothing appears to be pluggin’ along with much speed. LAME! I say. LAAAAAMMEEE!!! *deep inhale*


But srsly...
But srsly…


So instead I just doodle in one of my many ‘random crap’ notebooks that my oldest friends know too well (remember the wide-ruled composition books in high school ya’ll??)


This is the only defense for cargo shorts I could come up with...
This is the only defense for cargo shorts I could come up with… kitties.


FUCK. Alright, since erotica’s the easiest thing to write, text me something naughty and/or racy to get me goin’, haha. Thanks!

Kisses, L’s


Current Jam: Re-discovering Red City Radio before tonight’s show at Loosey’s!



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