Some kinda white-boy-gangsta-rap

Soooo yeah… I was cleaning out my photo/video cache on my iphone, hence another video! This one is from my last days in Sarasota as I finished up my internship at the Ringling. I met Kasey through my friend Amanda (who has a tiny cameo), and for funsies he combines rap and guitar playing. The song in the video below got him a whole bag of sandwiches from a dude that challenged him to write the rap in less than 20 minutes. Not too damn shabby, if you ask me.

Current Jam: ^see above der.

So stressed I’m about to snap.

That is all. *eye twitches, sucks on cigarette*

Current jam: “passenger” Iggy Pop

photo (5)

^side note: I used to keep these composition books all through high school. I would write in them, draw, paste in funny crap I found on the interwebs (in the days before tumbler, I feel old). I used to doodle little cartoons of me and my friends. Well, I updated mah look, I guess you could say. Huh, I should show y’all before and afters of moi et mes amis… Noted.