I’m pretty busy, y’all. End-of-semester snowball-down-a-hill type busy. Bleagh, it’s kinda lame. But, I did wanna check in for one sec: How’s it going? Livin’ the dream? …Someone’s dream? ….I mean, nightmares are technically dreams… Yeah, I feel ya.

I’m listening to lots of Rise Against these days. It helps combat the ever-present exhaustion and it fuels a fluttering heartbeat subsisting on caffeine. Anyone remember this oldie-but-goodie by them? Oh, Tim McIlrath, you lil’ nugget. The things I would do to you:



Just… damn. What is it about dudes screaming with microphones and/or doing crazy high jumps guitar-in-hand that is so unbelievably sexy? …mmmm… ugh, ok, back to the research grind…


Current Jam: ….duh…

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