Friday Feel Goods

I am not my ideal physical self at the moment, gentle readers. At my best, I exercise regularly and I’m a pretty healthy eater. My main vice is my insatiable love for cocktails. However, we are now in the midst of end-of-semester-hell, not to mention the ongoing condition of graduate-school-hell. Thus, my workouts have fallen by the wayside, and my wine/whiskey/vodka consumption has increased in a somewhat myopic attempt to sustain the flow of creative juices. As a result, my ever-present lil’ gut is a bit more rotund than usual, and my winter skinnies require an extra round of that russian dance… cossack? to get on…


What I hope I look like...
What I hope I look like…


A really professional version of what I actually look like...
A really professional version of what I actually look like…


It’s a little disheartening. A little frustrating. A little shaming, because I follow a lot of health-conscious blogs, and I’ve been a health nerd for many years. I know that I can always find time to workout. I know I could, and I know it would alleviate some of the mountains of stress knots in my back. But then I remember how effing tired I am… and how good cheez-its are… and how comfortable my bed is…. ZZZzzzzz……

These days I often feel like a puddle of sweet potato casserole, all gooey and lacking in definition:



So bummer, sigh, waaahhh, and all that whiny crap. As per usual I rolled out of bed this morning feelin’ gross. I mentally scoured my wardrobe for something that would make me look less Reubenesque as I brushed my teeth, grimacing at the bloated visage pudgily squinting back at me. When I passed my full length mirror in search of something black and moo-moo shaped, I paused. I didn’t realize it, but I had subconsciously reached for black, lace-y underthings in the quest to cover my shame. I turned, faced the glass demon and cocked my head. ‘Huh,’ I thought, ‘I may not be my ideal weight, but these things still make me feel… attractive…. noted…’

The thought stuck with me, on my way to campus, through my class, even when I stopped by the restroom to relieve my bladder from the quart of coffee I had consumed. There’s just something about black lace… it hugs your curves without constricting them. Combined with a cotton counterpart, it’s soft too, like a flirty little hug. Before I knew it, I had given myself a little caress in the bathroom stall, breasts to butt. Despite the negative body image I had not 3 hours prior, I felt secretly sexy.


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
black/lace/black lace makes everything better.

So DAMMIT, fellow curvy ladies, lend me your ears. When in doubt, put on your slinkiest underthings. Don’t have any? BUY SOME. The two bits above were bought at Target of all places. Less than $20 for both pieces. They don’t have be expensive to make ya feel good. Side note: if you haven’t yet heard of Adore Me, go there now. You’re welcome.  Go be sexy, my loves. ❤


Current Jam: “Love is strange” Mickey and Sylvia


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