ONE DOWN. BOOM. I have officially turned in the first final paper of this semester, and before I commence Paper Party 2: Electric Boogaloo, I wanted to take minute. Just a freakin’ MINUTE, ya know? Anyways, a short n sweet little throwback for you guys:

I came home from school one day all pout-y (big surprise there). My dad asked me what was wrong; I mumbled that some girl told me I walked like a dude. It was clear that I was pretty butthurt about it. He looked me in the eye and said, “It doesn’t matter if you walk like a girl or a boy. The key is, always walk like you got someplace to be.”

I’m pretty short (5′ 3”), but I walk faster than most people inches taller than me. ‘Cause I got places to BE, y’all….

Speaking of that…. ugh time for Paper Party 2. :/ Can’t wait ’til this trilogy is over.

Also, my anthem to get me through to December 12, D-Day (DONE DAY):



Current Quote: “C’MON YOLANDA WHAT’S FONZI LIKE??!” (I watched Pulp Fiction the other night, and as per usual I have been waking up recalling the most random lines of dialogue, like I do)


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