A small piece of advice

Little known nugget of wisdom:

Top 3 times you should ask a woman if she’s wearing makeup in public:




Exactly. There isn’t one. That question simultaneously infuriates me and cuts me deep, because of the intentionality behind it. It defies tact. It blithely attempts to hide beneath the upturned timbre indicative of an innocent query. But it’s not innocent, at all. It’s manipulative, it’s backhanded, and it’s mean. You don’t really want to know if she’s wearing makeup; you don’t actually genuinely care about the answer, who would? You want to expose something by commenting on it.

I think for many women, our makeup is our war paint. We use it for enhancement, true. We use to feel better about ourselves, true. But we also use it as a protective façade. We cannot escape the reality that we are inherently judged and valued by our appearance. Aphrodite wasn’t desired for her quick wit or sick discus throw. She was loved because she was hot.

Don’t get me wrong, men suffer the same injustice. We live in a hyper-visual society. Those six pack abs or perfectly thick beard you crave can be just as unattainable as the large doe eyes or mop of gorgeously curly tendrils I secretly fancy. So why not fight the dual spheres of judgment in solidarity? Or at least in silence, damn…

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One thought on “A small piece of advice

  1. EXACTLY! That question has always bothered me because I know they are trying to prove something to themselves or to people around us.

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