Random Thought: Augmented

Current Jam: “Family and Genus,” Shakey Graves

If I,
If I ever wander on by
Could you,
Flag me down and beg me to
Drop what I’m doing and sit beside you

Few things matter more to me, than
when you send a song my way,
something you heard in passing that
made you think of me.

or, even better, the moment it cued on
your pandora or
your spotify or
your google play –
perhaps a spark lit, a twinkle nicked, and I came
smiling into view.
Maybe a slight skip dropped into your step, because
you thought of us suddenly sharing the same strip of sidewalk.
Sharing a memory as it’s born before us.

I’d do the same – connect to you,
wave across that tight rope of time and space and
bring you closer to me, even if it’s only for 3:23.



ONE DOWN. BOOM. I have officially turned in the first final paper of this semester, and before I commence Paper Party 2: Electric Boogaloo, I wanted to take minute. Just a freakin’ MINUTE, ya know? Anyways, a short n sweet little throwback for you guys:

I came home from school one day all pout-y (big surprise there). My dad asked me what was wrong; I mumbled that some girl told me I walked like a dude. It was clear that I was pretty butthurt about it. He looked me in the eye and said, “It doesn’t matter if you walk like a girl or a boy. The key is, always walk like you got someplace to be.”

I’m pretty short (5′ 3”), but I walk faster than most people inches taller than me. ‘Cause I got places to BE, y’all….

Speaking of that…. ugh time for Paper Party 2. :/ Can’t wait ’til this trilogy is over.

Also, my anthem to get me through to December 12, D-Day (DONE DAY):



Current Quote: “C’MON YOLANDA WHAT’S FONZI LIKE??!” (I watched Pulp Fiction the other night, and as per usual I have been waking up recalling the most random lines of dialogue, like I do)



Hey, remember Fuel? This was my absolute favorite song when I was like, 14. It was released in 1998, the first single from their album Sunburn. It’s just old-school enough that I couldn’t find the video via youtube. After a little extra digging though I managed to get it, and you can imagine my nostalgic joy to see the credit text at the lower right hand corner of the screen, just like MTV did it back in the day! *squeal!*


I’m pretty busy, y’all. End-of-semester snowball-down-a-hill type busy. Bleagh, it’s kinda lame. But, I did wanna check in for one sec: How’s it going? Livin’ the dream? …Someone’s dream? ….I mean, nightmares are technically dreams… Yeah, I feel ya.

I’m listening to lots of Rise Against these days. It helps combat the ever-present exhaustion and it fuels a fluttering heartbeat subsisting on caffeine. Anyone remember this oldie-but-goodie by them? Oh, Tim McIlrath, you lil’ nugget. The things I would do to you:



Just… damn. What is it about dudes screaming with microphones and/or doing crazy high jumps guitar-in-hand that is so unbelievably sexy? …mmmm… ugh, ok, back to the research grind…


Current Jam: ….duh…